Stockholm Culture Festival 2019

Stockholm Culture Festival in mid-August 2019

The Stockholm Culture Festival takes place on six consecutive days in mid-August and closes on a Sunday. This Sunday marks the end of the long Swedish summer holidays as most students have to get back to school on the following Monday. The culture festival has become a tradition in the event calendar of Stockholm. Since 2006 the festival has attracted hundreds of thousands of visitors each year, among them many tourists.

Stockholm open-air museum Skansen

The open-air museum Skansen on Djurgården

In warm summer weather, Stockholmers swarm to the open air-museum Skansen. At Skansen you can spend a whole day without even a hint of boredom. Many visitors bring their picnic baskets, children and strollers are everywhere, and you can walk in peace, lie in the sun and just relax. Skansen is one of the most popular destinations in Sweden.