Stockholm strengthens its offering to international retailers

Stockholm international retailers

Stockholm ranks as the most popular destination for international retailers in the Nordic region. To maintain this position, Invest Stockholm and Stockholm Fashion District aim to merge the city’s strengths to create a vibrant playground for an industry in transformation.

Sustainability and tech are driving change in the fashion industry and Stockholm is leading the way. As a city of early adopters, international retailers view Stockholm as a great test market for everything from new sustainable materials and upcycling to circular business models.

The strong tech sector in Stockholm, second only to Silicon Valley in producing billion-dollar companies, in combination with Swedes’ focus on sustainability makes Stockholm a perfect place for international retailers to prepare for the future.

“In addition to assisting international retailers in establishing in Stockholm, we want to help them grow their business here. To strengthen our offering, we believe it is important that retailers have access to an arena for new business and creativity. Stockholm Fashion District provides that context for international retailers to stay relevant in the fast changing fashion industry,” says Anna Gissler, Acting CEO of Stockholm Business Region.

The fashion industry faces the challenges and opportunities of sustainability, shifts in consumer behaviors and digitalization. In the past year, nearly every other Swede has changed their buying behavior to choose products produced in a more sustainable way.

“The companies and our partners at Stockholm Fashion District turn challenges to opportunities and drive innovation forward. Our approach is to be inclusive and we stress the importance of sharing knowledge with all parts of the industry, from design to retail. Together with our network of industry people, researchers and other future thinkers, we aim to encourage the industry to adapt and thrive in the future,”  says Helena Waker, CEO of Stockholm Fashion District.

Stockholm Fashion District has through Trade Partner Sweden over 100 years of experience in national and international trade and have strong partnerships with business networks and organizations. Within the partnership, Invest Stockholm and Stockholm Fashion District aim to make Stockholm Fashion District a playground for interdisciplinary meetings as well as collaborations between small and large companies.


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